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  • How to Help Your Hartland Area Community by Shopping Locally This Holiday Season

    When it comes to holiday shopping, more and more people are choosing to shop locally. And there's a good reason why! Shopping locally has several benefits for both the shopper and the community. Here are just a few of the ways that shopping local this holiday season can benefit everyone involved courtesy of the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce:

    Shopping Locally Promotes Job Growth

    When you shop at a local store, you are supporting businesses in your community and helping to create jobs. Local businesses employ people who live near the store, and the money that they earn is often spent at other local businesses. This creates a positive cycle of economic activity that can help to stimulate job growth in the community. In addition, shopping at local stores helps to keep money within the community, which can be used to support local schools and other public services. 

    By contrast, when you shop at a national chain store, the profits are often sent out of the community, which can drain economic activity. So next time you need to buy something, think about how your purchase can impact job growth in your community by shopping locally.

    Shopping Locally Boosts the Local Economy

    Another benefit of shopping locally is that it boosts the community's economy. Studies cited on FreshLime have shown that for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 stays in the local community. That's compared to only $43 of every $100 spent at a national chain store. So when you choose to shop local, you're helping to support your community financially.

    Local Businesses Support the Community Through Sponsored Events

    Local businesses play an important role in supporting the community. One way they can do this is by sponsoring events. LiveAbout notes that sponsoring an event enables businesses to reach out to potential customers and build goodwill in the community. It also helps to promote local pride and foster a sense of community spirit. Furthermore, sponsored events can provide an opportunity for businesses to show their commitment to giving back to the community. When selecting an event to sponsor, businesses should consider their goals and objectives. They should also ensure that the event aligns with their brand identity. By carefully selecting the right event to sponsor, businesses can make a positive impact on the community while also generating exposure for their company.

    Local Businesses Support Each Other Through Cross-Promotion

    Local businesses can also support each other through cross-promotion. This is when businesses promote each other's products or services to their customer base. For example, a locally owned coffee shop could promote a nearby bakery's cookies or vice versa. Cross-promotion is a great way for businesses to help each other out while still staying focused on their own individual goals.

    When you’re creating marketing materials for your cross promotions, using PDFs makes a lot of sense. This type of document is easily posted on your website, social media platforms, as well as with email marketing campaigns. And if there’s ever a need for reorganizing pages or sections, you can separate the pages by splitting them using a tool in just eight steps.

    Local Businesses Also Support Each Other With Joint Marketing

    Finally, local businesses can support each other with joint marketing efforts. This is when businesses team up to create joint marketing materials like co-branded flyers or social media posts. Joint marketing is a great way for businesses to reach new customers while still staying within their budget.

    Shopping local this holiday season has several benefits for both shoppers and the community as a whole. From promoting job growth to boosting the community economy, there are plenty of reasons to shop local this year! So next time you're looking for that perfect holiday gift, be sure to check out your favorite locally-owned businesses first!

    Membership in the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce offers invaluable benefits to entrepreneurs in our community. Join us today!


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