• Business Community Awards Nomination Form

    Please complete the following Nomination form. You may nominate several member individuals and/or businesses. You may also nominate yourself. Choose one category or all categories. If you'd like to nominate more than one individual/business for the same category, please click the link and submit another nomination. Past award recipients ARE eligible to win an award in the same category. For a list of past winners, refer to the original email sent with the nomination link.
    The following categories are available for nominations:
    ENTERPRISE AWARD (for longevity in the community)
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    BEST NEW BUSINESS (in business less than two years)
    I nominate the following:
    MOST IMPROVED BUSINESS AWARD (for physical improvements to the business building)
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    COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD (an individual who has excelled at serving the community)
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    CHAMBER MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD (an individual who is an outstanding member)
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    AMBASSADOR AWARD (an individual who is an outstanding mentor)
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    Thank You!
    Thank you for taking the time to nominate for these prestigious awards. The nominating committee will deliberate, final candidates will be selected, and the winners will be honored and announced at the Hartland Chamber's Annual Awards Dinner & Banquet February 8, 2017, 6pm at Cleary University.
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